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Emily Brockman 
-Assistant Manager of Capel & Co. Productions

Emily B. was Born in KY and was adopted with her twin brothers. She became the youngest of 6 who were also adopted. "We Moved to Colorado when I was 2, started playing soccer which I did for 13 years and then moved to WV when I was 8. "When I was in High School, I did volunteer office work for three years, which built on the interest that started when I used to hang out at my mom's office. I always wanted to schedule things and answer the phone on my own. "I’ve known Patricia since I was eleven and watched her business grow from the very beginning and I am super excited to be a part of her company and vision." Stated Emily B. Now Emily has currently been promoted to Assistant Manager is has been 'Employee of the Month' several times. We are so very proud of her hard work and what she brings to Capel & Co. 

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