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  • 31 Days of Horror Escape Room Event
    31 Days of Horror Escape Room Event
    110 S George St.
    Oct 02, 8:00 PM – Oct 31, 12:00 AM
    110 S George St., 110 S George St., Charles Town, WV 25414, USA
    "You are riding your bike through the woods. You come across a mysterious object along your way. You try to go around it, but realize the path is blocked. You get off your bike to see what the object is. This mystery object scares you enough to get you lost in the woods. Can you escape?
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Capel and Company Productions LLC, also known as Capel & Co. Productions, is a Production Company for the Arts. Capel & Co. Productions was established on October 25th, 2019. Capel & Co. Productions specializes in many Creative, Theatrical, and Performing Arts. These include, but is not limited to: Dance classes at Decade Dance Academy, Capel & Co. Photography/Film, and so much more. We not only strive to help further ourselves and our client's careers, but we strive to help further other businesses careers as well. Here at Capel & Company Productions, we 'Strive for Excellence & Success; nothing more, nothing less'.

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